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05 Nankan somen / Saruwatari Seimenjo

Hand-stretched somen noodles like thread “I want to make Nankan Somen and Nankan Town more exciting.” Nankan somen / Saruwatari Seimenjo Nankan Somen is made in Nankan Town in the northwestern part of Kumamoto Prefecture. It is said to have a history of 250 or 300 years, and in the Edo period, it was offered by the clan to the shogunate. We interviewed Mr. Shunsuke Kanasaka who is a president of Saruwatari Seimenjo. Shunsuke Kanasaka Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1983. Worked at a hotel and an Italian restaurant, and at a soba restaurant. Learned how to make Nankan Somen […]

04 Soy sauce Hashimoto Shoyu Inc.

Soy sauce born in the castle town of Kumamoto“We keep changing to preserve the traditional taste.” Soy sauce/Hashimoto Shoyu Inc. We interviewed Mr. Yasutaka Hashimoto, the fifth generation of Hashimoto Shoyu, which was established in Shinmachi, a castle town in Kumamoto, and has been making soy sauce and miso for traditional Japanese restaurants for many years. Yasutaka Hashimoto Born in 1983. Fifth generation of Hashimoto Shoyu Inc.. After graduating from university, he worked for a food wholesale company before joining Hashimoto Shoyu Inc.. Spent about six months as a research student in the Department of Brewing at Tokyo University of […]

03 Yamaga lanterns Nakamura seisakujo

Delicate handicrafts created from Japanese paper and glue“I want to create products that match the times and pass them on to the next generation.” Yamaga lanterns / Nakamura seisakujo Yamaga lanterns, also called Yamaga-toro, are created using only washi paper and glue to create a three-dimensional shape.The Yamaga Lantern Festival takes place every year in August in Yamaga City. During the festival, women wear these paper-made imitation gold lanterns on their heads and dance.We interviewed Mr. Junya Nakamura, an active lantern craftsman. Junya Nakamura Born in Yamaga City,Kumamoto Prefecture in 1989. After graduating high school, After working for the Yamaga […]

02 Kutami Shibu Uchiwa Kurikawa Shouten

Durable fan that can last 100 years”I want to bring  Japanese Fans (Uchiwa) to the world.”  Kutami Shibu Uchiwa / Kurikawa Shouten The “Kutami Shibu Uchiwa” has been made in Kutami, Kamoto Town in northern Kumamoto Prefecture. In Kurikawa Shouten offers products that fit today’s lifestyle while preserving traditional methods. We interviewed Ryoichi Kurikawa, fourth generation of Kurikawa Shouten. Ryoichi Kurikawa Fourth generation of Kurikawa Shouten LTD.Co. Born in Yamaga City,Kumamoto prefecture. After graduating from University, he joined Kurikawa Shouten. He is developing new products while preserving the tradition of Shibu Uchiwa. [outline] Crafts made from bamboo and paper “Kurikawa […]

01 Higo-Zogan MITSUSUKE

Bringing Samurai’s cool fashion to the modern times“Polishing traditional techniques and continuing to challenge” Higo-Zogan / “Higo-zogan Mitsusuke” Higo-zogan started inlay designs being used to decorate gun barrels and sword guards 400 years ago in the early Edo Period.”Higo-zogan Mitsusuke”, produces items that add a new appeal to the fashion of the samurai. We interviewed the company representative,Mr.Yuji Osumi. Yuji Osumi Representative Director of Mitsusuke Co. Fourth generation.Chairman of the promotion committee. Born in 1957. After he graduated university, he worked as a company employee in Tokyo,but he quit the company, and came back to Kumamoto. He learned crafts from […]