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07 Akazake・Refined sake / ZUIYO

Kumamoto’s traditional Akazake and refined sake“continuing to take on new challenges and preserve the culture of sake brewing” Akazake・Refined sake / ZUIYO In Kumamoto, people drink “Akazake” as a new year’s special kind of rice wine. ZUIYO was one of the first refined sake breweries in Kumamoto to start producing refined sake as well as continuing to make Akazake. We interviewed Mr.Kentaro Yoshimura, Director. Kentaro Yoshimura Director of ZUIYO Corporation. Born in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1972. After graduating from university, he worked for a company before joining ZUIYO Corporation, where he was assigned to the Tokyo branch of […]

06 Wagashi / Kashou Tateyama

Tasting seasonal wagashi  with the five senses “If you continue for 10 years,  you will be able to make skill your own” Wagashi / Kashou Tateyama Wagashi is a food culture born from the history and traditions of Japan. We interviewed Mr. Manabu Tateyama of “Kashou Tateyama” who runs a Japanese confectionery store in Kawashiri, Kumamoto City, which has flourished as a town of craftsmen since the old days. Manabu Tateyama Born in 1951, he is the owner of "Kashou Tateyama". After graduating from high school and working in Tokyo, he took over the family business. He is a member […]