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08 Shodai ware / Takemiya Kiln

Pottery with a strong, simple taste“Incorporating newness into tradition to create easy-to-use, beautiful vessels.” Shodai ware / Takemiya Kiln Shodai ware is a type of pottery that has been produced in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture for about 400 years. We interviewed Shinji Chikashige who is the owner of Takemiya Kiln in Shodai ware. Shinji Chikashige Third generation of Takemiya Kiln, Shodai ware. Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1954, he began his career in ceramics at the age of 22. [outline] Developed as a kiln for the clan Shodai ware is said to have originated in 1632, when potters […]