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CATEGORY Local toys

11 Konoha-zaru/Konohazaru kamamoto

Simple local toys made by handHanding down the skills passed down from our ancestors to the next generation. Konoha-zaru/Konohazaru kamamoto Konoha-zaru, or Konoha monkeys, are simple toys made of unglazed clay in the Konoha area of Gyokuto Town. We interviewed  Mr. Reizou Nagata of the Konoha-zaru Kiln. Reizo Nagata Born in 1937.He studied under his father, Takeji, from the age of 20, and became the seventh generation. His daughter, Sae Kawamata, is the eighth generation of the family to work with him. [outline] A Unique Toy Born from a Legend It is said that the “Konoha-monkey” was born from a […]

09 Obake no Kinta (Ghost Kinta) / Atsuga Ningyoten

Humorous Karakuri dolls“We will continue to make them in order to pass on Japanese culture.” Obake no Kinta (Ghost Kinta) / Atsuga Ningyoten “Obake no Kinta” is a karakuri doll born in the Edo period. It has black formal headwear for court nobles and a red face. It is characterized by its humorous movements, such as its  tongue sticking out when the string is pulled, and its eyeballs flipping back. We interviewed  Mr. Shinhachiro Atsuga of the Atsuga Ningyoten. Shinhachiro Atsuga Born in Kumamoto City in 1943, he became a doll maker in 1963, learning from his father. He is […]